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Program files for David J. Pinto, Jed A. Hartings, Joshua C. Brumberg, & Daniel J. Simons,  "Cortical Damping: Analysis of Thalamocortical Response Transformations in Rodent Barrel Cortex", Cerebral Cortex 13: 33-44 (January, 2003) (posted 1/20/03)
PowerPoint slide with an animated phaseplane;
WinZip file containing thalamocortical input data, code, & instructions for computer simulation

Surgical procedures in neonatal rats (PDF file)
by Michael Shoykhet and Daniel J. Simons (posted 12/19/02)

Micro-electrode Making (mostly for Eckhorn arrays) (doc and PDF files)
by Harold Kyriazi (updated 2/3/09)

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