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The following graphics are for everyone's use. Click on the thumbnail images below to view the full-size graphic. You may download the graphics using a browser (for more information on how to save graphics from a website, please click here).

Static Pictures with Legends

one barrel, one vibrissa

Synaptic Zinc in Rat Neocortex

serotonin on the brain

face + barrels

Beauty is more than skin deep Conceptual diagram of the whisker barrel system checkers on my mind

whiskeY barrels

To view photos taken at the Barrels 2002 symposium, click here.
To view photos of the May 2003 Barrels Workshop, click here.

Quicktime Movies

  • Three short video clips of trained rats performing various tasks, described below, are available upon request, via FTP. Send an e-mail to the webmaster.
  • To load Quicktime, so you can view these movies once you get them, click here.
  • Movie1 shows a rat whisking, while an emg (sound on the left channel) and trigeminal ganglion units (right channel) are being recorded. LARGE FILE - 6.7 MB!
  • Movie2 shows a close-up view of a rat whisking a discriminandum. No sound. 1.6 MB
  • Movie3 shows a rat doing a comparative discrimination task. No sound. 3.5 MB

We would appreciate your contribution to our graphics archive. Please contact our webmaster.

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