Lab Personnel
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Principal Investigator

Dan Simons

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George E. Carvell
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Bard Ermentrout
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Kia McLean Washington
Rami Zanoun
Pete Land 
(now deceased -- we miss him!)
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Research Associate

Harold Kyriazi (1988-present)




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Emily Basara



Former graduate students (and their dissertation titles and year of graduation, in chronological order)

Joshua C. Brumberg
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Local circuits and columnar organization in the somatosensory cortex (1997)

David J. Pinto
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Computational, experimental, and analytic explorations of neuronal circuits in the cerebral cortex (1997)

Jed A. Hartings
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Somatosensory processing in inhibitory feedback circuits of the thalamus (2000)

Kathy Kelly
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Responses of thalamic and cortical neurons in whisking rats (2002)

Randy Bruno
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Thalamocortical connectivity and functional organization of layer IV circuitry (2002)

Brad Minnery
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The role of trigeminal nucleus principalis in subcortical signal processing (2002)

Mish Shoykhet
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Functional development and critical periods in the rodent somatosensory system (2003)

Simona Temereanca
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Thalamic signal processing and the effects of cortical feedback (2003)

SooHyun Lee
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Motor Cortex Regulation of Thalamic-Cortical Activity in the Somatosensory System (2007)


Vivek Khatri
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Effects of Adaptation in a Somatosensory Thalamocortical Circuit (2005)


Former post-doctoral fellows (in alphabetical order, with years in lab)

Don Doherty (1997-1998)DonD.gif (8935 bytes)

Dan Goldreich (1995-1998)
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Ernest " Ebo" Kwegyir-Afful (2005-2010) 

Jason Middleton (2007-2010)

A not-quite-routine, but common Pittsburgh sunset, as viewed from our 14th floor conference room. Barely visible in the foreground, between us and downtown Pittsburgh, is the Hill District, for which the 1980's TV show, Hill Street Blues, was named.

Opposite view of downtown Pittsburgh, looking eastward, taken from the Ohio River.  The Allegheny River lies to the left, and the Monongahela River to the right.  (Clipped from the city's website)

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